Monday, March 3, 2008

Info for anyone travelling to the Atlanta show on 3/29

Update: Atlanta has some bigger issues than dirty glasses in Hotel rooms these days.
Atlanta Storms
Call and confirm your reservations now while there's still time before the show.

Persusing the chat boards on the Internet, I learned that there are a lot of fans travelling from out of town and out of state for Barry's show at Philips Arena. Many of you will likely be staying at The Omni at CNN Center, right near the venue.

HEADS UP: bring your own drinking glasses for the bathroom. This is not a hoax or a joke.

WAGA-TV/DT FOX5 in Atlanta ran an expose - including hidden video - that shows that housekeeping did/does not clean the glasses properly after each guest stays in a room. The reporters specifically mentioned the Omni at CNN, in addition to a number of other high-end hotels in the city. (Like Crowne Plaza - Ravinia, and the midtown Hyatt for instance)

The main story right from the source is here. Lots of links, including streaming video. Scroll to the bottom and look for anything labeled "I-Team Investigation." Check 'em out.

On the incredibly slim chance that someone from Stiletto is reading this - pack some extra dishware for the trip. I would if I were you.

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