Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Little Easter Miracle

Yours truly had a wonderful thing happen this weekend. Not only are we going to get one big chance to see Barry, we're going to see him very up close - we got seats right down front.

Now if you've travelled to shows and seen the man a billion times, this is no big deal and you're wondering why I'm wasting blog time on it. For me, it's not just about doing business over tickets. It's about learning to trust again and learning to believe that it's OK to meet people via the Internet.

The reason this is a big deal was posted a month ago: Every Rainbow Has to Have an End

Let's get down to brass tacks: Barry's fans have a reputation - deserved or not - for being a tad, shall we say, "enthusiastic". REALLY "enthusiastic". Pete and I were just a little smidge nervous about mingling with the folks who have been attending shows and members of the fan club for years and years. And of course my experience 10 years ago resulted in deep-seated paranoia that any fans I meet and befriend are "out to get you" when the moment is right.

So a couple of weeks ago, when I discovered via Internet that a lady couldn't use her tickets (and Pete gave me carte blanche to upgrade if I had the chance) I took a big leap of faith. Like jumping off a cliff big. I sent a chunk of change to someone I contacted via the Internet and waited for new seats to arrive. Just like that! They arrived yesterday! I can't even tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to be able to trust someone, sight unseen, over a common enjoyment of music.

So, thank you for restoring my faith and being a really great, trustworthy human being. We're going to have a great time and enjoy the people around us as much as we are Barry's show on stage. Believe it or not, that was a real concern for me. Visualize scared squirrels ready to climb a tree in a split-second if someone looked at us wrong. It's great to put that fear down and not worry about it. The way I see it is, angels are busy this time of year, as well as at Christmas. So real people have to step in and be good examples to each other. Thank you for being one of those for me.

Six days and counting. I need to finish my convention speech.


  1. There are indeed "gems" out there in the pile of usual rocks. Sounds like you found one.'s been my experience that the "gems" far outweigh the discards. Enjoy your concert experience. I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I always appreciate your encouragement. You're in the "gem" pile too! ;-)
    Like I said in an earlier post, it's not just a concert with just a performer - it's a point to put the past behind us and go forward in search of better times.
    Looks like the better times are already arriving!