Sunday, March 16, 2008

Looks Like We Made It (Atlanta's still standing)

With the exception of severe storms on the Alabama state line, the rest of the state fared better this time around. The ironic thing is, Georgia really needs the rain.

Scooter's blog inspired me again with this gem from the UK. (Scroll down to "London Times, 11/7/1998")
BTW - Scooter, I can't get over your collection! I need to get some work done in my office, sometime but the blog is SO much more fun!

The following quote reminded me of a story and some talking points that have been bouncing around my head for a while.
[snip]I get invited to these Hollywood parties all the time, and the few times
I've gone, I stand there like a dope. I feel out of water. I don't know what to
say to these people. I never have a decent conversation, I just stammer and I
can't wait to leave. [/snip]

Need to get some of the aforementioned work off my desk before I can write this one.
Have a great Palm Sunday, for those who celebrate it.


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