Thursday, March 20, 2008


I believe I have now entered the realm of the pathetic.
8 days, 6 hours, 21 minutes until showtime.

I've gone years without seeing Barry live. I survived it. I even managed to survive an extra 2-month delay due to weather and an idiot booking agent at Philips who cancels shows if so much as one snowflake sticks to the ground. What's another 8 days and change?

I'm sitting under a ton of work deadlines, preparing a major speech for a convention next week, and editing a newsletter - oh wait, not yet; I need to START editing the newsletter - all due before 3/26 and I'm paralyzed by writers' block. You could say I'm a bit distracted. Gee, I wonder why???

Instead my day consists of:
  • Going over the outfit I picked out back in January.
  • Going over Pete's outfit that I picked out at the same time. You can't be on my arm looking like a slob, Pete...
  • Praying that the ticket upgrade works out. Come on, USPS don't screw up now!
  • Figuring out how to pack binoculars in my little purse. Is it rude to watch Barry through binoculars from the second row?
  • Working on this blog. Enough said
  • Setting up my cel phone to add posts to this blog on the road. Depending on the photos I might get something up here before we leave Philips
  • Looking at other Barry blogs, groups, and boards. More than enough said
  • Wearing out my Cosmic Wimpout dice to keep my hands busy with something mindless.
  • Watching The Weather Channel (Long range forecast from TWC Online.) No more frickin' snow, OK? Ditto for ice in any form, tornadoes, earthquakes, or anything that proves that God has a sick sense of humor. So far it's supposed to be sunny and little if any rain.
  • Going over my map and timetable of exactly when to leave my convention so I can beat all the traffic lights back in less than 75 minutes.
  • Following up on downtown window repairs. This one isn't a joke - streets are getting re-closed due to high wind and falling glass. Best coverage is on WXIA Channel 11

For everyone coming to town next week: drive safe and check your reservations. Check them numerous times, even. If you are staying anywhere NEAR Philips Arena and the CNN center arrangements can change on a dime so have a backup plan. And don't forget to bring your own drinking glass. That's not a joke either.

I'm sure someone reading this blog has ideas for how to get your mind on track and finish the work that needs to be finished before the big night. So please, do share - I need all the help I can get.

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  1. I wish I could help. I really do...but alas, Manilow fever can only be remedied by one medicine: the man himself. I feel your pain though. I'm on a deadline too here I am posting a comment on your blog. Enough said...