Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now THAT'S What I Call Class

Condensed from the newsgroup

Those of you from the UK who stop by, the news of Lynn Stephens' passing was posted on the newsgroup, then on the ManilowUK.
Dear Friends,

It's with great sadness that I write this message. Lynn passed away peacefully in the early hours of the morning.

As many of you may know, Lynn ran the BMIFC UK for close on 30 years before retiring a few years ago and throughout that time she touched many people's lives and hearts and will be greatly missed by all that knew her.

Condolences to her family, loved ones and friends at this very sad time.

With love,


Mark Worrall
The Official UK Barry Manilow Website
WhenI hear of someone passing like this, I always wish their surviving friends and family well in my heart. I didn't comment because I've never been a part of the BMIFC.
The following was posted to the newsgroup this afternoon from ManilowUK. Now THIS is a magnanimous gesture fitting everything I have heard about Lynn and her fan club work:
All of us are saddened beyond words at the sudden passing of our friend Lynn Stephens.
Lynn was a "one of a kind," passionate, strong willed, always looking out for the underdog....with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor.
For many, many years she served as a trusted employee at our offices in London, but more importantly, she served as a trusted friend.
Both will be missed by us all.
In her honor, we have established the Lynn Stephens - Manilow Music Scholarship.
Each year, a deserving student will receive a grant from the Scholarship Fund to assist them in their music studies.
In this small way, we hope that by keeping music alive, we will be able to keep her memory alive.
Lynn was quite a gal.
And she is missed......
With love.....
Barry.....and your family at the BMIFC and STILETTO.
All of you lucky UK fans who get to see Barry in May at the O2 will have a chance to celebrate Lynn's life while enjoying the show(s?)

Barry and TPTB - way to go. Your gesture and the letter to the UK fans was perfect.

UPDATE: for those looking to make a donation in Lynn's memory, please visit this link at ManilowUK:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sounds of Silence


That there is almost no news out of ManiLand these days?

When Barry was at the Hilton, there were stories of trips, and set lists and special events (special for someone, somewhere), Platinums, and the whole 9 yards.

But when I put my ear on the ground today, I hear crickets.