Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eureka moment - the 80s CD

File this under Songs That Barry Would Make Sound Amazing But It Isn't Going to Happen Because Mr. Mole Won't Let It.

If my 2 cents meant anything I'd put the following on Barry's forthcoming 80s record:

"Hallelujah" from Leonard Cohen

The original as written - all 15 verses, not just the 7 or 8 floating around in various covers. If anyone could dig the rest of those lyrics out of Cohen, Barry could.

I know everyone and their dog has covered this song but is there anyone else who could do it better? Including a custom arrangement? (I don't mean just duplicating John Cale's or Jeff Buckley's versions that are all over radio and TV. Go back to the original and start from there with the entire emotional range Cohen intended.)

Here ends the mini-brainstorm for this evening.

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