Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Riders to the Stars

Some folks have money, and others survive
God knows, it's not easy just bein' alive
The dreamer dreams on, and dreams never die
Long as we try

I had enough to do this time around that I didn't have a moment to obsess over a countdown to takeoff. ;-)

Most of the work deadlines are out of the way. My clients know I'm going to be out of town, they know WHY, and they REALLY know that trying to reach me on my cel phone during this trip will be hazardous to their health.

So now I have a few moments to think. "Riders to the Stars" has been stuck in my head for a few days. The music in that one gets to me more than the lyrics, it's just the sense of excitement that I've been trying to ignore while being a responsible adult.

I am the luckiest woman alive. Everything I have ever wanted in life, I have right now. My home, my husband, my family, my friends and neighbors, my gorgeous daughter, a career to support all of the above that has a proud past and a future that just recently turned brighter.

That doesn't mean life isn't busy or is all rosy and perfect. We all know it isn't. But knowing what's important and worth dwelling on and what isn't is the key to recognizing all the wonderful things we have.

When I finally had time to peruse the Manilow world, and look at the comments of other people going to this week's shows, I noticed there are a lot of us who are going because we have something to celebrate. There is a parade of us celebrating birthdays, especially milestone ones, lots of us received our trip from relatives as a gift. Others are celebrating surviving a major illness and just being alive.

This Thursday, I start celebrating the Big 4-0, and take time to lay down life's usual burden for a while. I don't want to hear about politics of any kind, I don't care who likes who, or who is pissed at who, or whatever petty schoolyard stuff that should have been left behind in junior high. We're going to be in the middle of the world's biggest playground for adults. We have so much to be happy about and Barry's shows to take our minds off things. My personal space is a Negativity-Free Zone. Strictly enforced.

To the new friends that I haven't met yet - I can't wait to join you. Let's play a game of "Who Can Recognize Who First". Start with my M&M picture on the Network. I'll have copies of the Manilow Wine Drinking Game and the spoof lyrics. Plus, I recently ran across a very rare, very special item (Barry-related) that I would love to show you. And I can't think of anyone else I want to share this birthday with, that I have been looking forward to since I turned 30!

And I lift my head right up to the sun
Never look down again

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