Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OT - Syesha Mercado on American Idol

"One Rock n Roll Too Many"
I've had this song on the brain recently. Not because of the musical but because of Mercado's interpretation on American Idol. I like Andrew Lloyd Webber as much as the next person, but Starlight Express did nothing for me.

Syesha. Was. Robbed. for coming in 3rd on that season. She blew the entire world off that stage with this performance. Far better than the original. Everybody else should have just packed it in that night.

Most contestants (including the 2 Davids that were the finalists) just stand there and flap their hands around and pretend to feel and enjoy and express their song. Syesha just belted this one out. Look closely, even the conductor is gettin' down with it. You couldn't help but have a great time. (Kind of what I'm looking forward to in 3 weeks!) I don't want to hear the crap about "too theatrical" for pop music. If you don't have that performane element the song is going to fall flat. The minute she releases a record, I'm buying it.


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