Friday, October 31, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, there was one of those time-killing, mind-wandering threads on the Network speculating what fans would dress Barry up as for Halloween.
I live in a neighborhood where Halloween is a world-class event. Outrageous sets, house decorations that show up on TV and in the newspapers, haunted house attractions, and thousands - literally THOUSANDS - of trick-or-treaters.
Barry could put on any of the outfits he wears on stage and walk down the middle of the street as himself. Best of all, no one would bother him because everyone would either be gawking at the house displays, or, if visitors did notice him, they would just assume he was some local neighbor dressed up as Barry Manilow for Halloween.
It will never happen, but it's fun to imagine it.
Happy Halloween, gang!
(Update: Barry's shows were completely cancelled this week due to his illness. Again, condolences to those in Vegas and hopes that Barry will recover soon.)

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  1. Happy Halloween to you and your precious family. Wish I could be there to experience it with you. Perhaps some day ((((((hugs))))))