Thursday, October 30, 2008

But the World Goes 'Round

It looks like some fans are going to Plan B their evening tonight. Truly, I'm sorry things didn't work out.

There has to be something going around the hotel. The day after I left I had a head/throat cold (still have it ::hack::) and the 3-year-old has been coughing up a storm. Then Barry comes down with bronchitis. Then I hear of other friends and fans getting sick this weekend too.

To everyone visiting, I hope you enjoy whatever else you find in Vegas tonight.

Barry - for God's sake take care of yourself. No one wants a show so badly that they want to see you or anyone else sick or injured.


(I'm working on another post that will include some of the less crappy pictures I managed to get and some other thoughts that have come out since returning home. I swear, it feels like only minutes ago that I saw my first of three shows last week. If you'd like GOOD pictures don't wait around here, check out Manilow Musings.)

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