Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally, my decade!

Track list:
"Islands in the Stream” duet with Reba McEntire
“Open Arms”
“Never Gonna Give You Up”
“Have I Told You Lately”
“I Just Called to Say I Love You”
“Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)”
“Careless Whisper”
“Right Here Waiting”
“Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do)”
“Hard to Say I'm Sorry”
“Time After Time”
“I've Had the Time of My Life”
Here I am, working like crazy to get some deadlines out of the way before the big birthday trip, not getting (too...) distracted with the Network or anything else, then BLAM! Hotline message w/ the above press release. No one is going to complain about a new release, esp one that's been talked about and rumored for months.
I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw "Arthur's Theme". Barry covers Christopher Cross stuff perfectly. Plus, Arthur is one of my favorite movies. Every girl loves a Cinderella story, but this one makes me utterly homesick.
So, if anyone in LA or LV is reading this - any chance that any of these songs might suddenly sneak into the show a little early? Like, next week? Please? Pretty please??
Food for thought: couldn't help but notice Barry didn't include any of his own 80s singles here. Wonder why?
And of course, if the '80s compilation is a lead in to another release (the guitar-based album that has also been rumored and chatted about for months) there won't be any complaints from here either.
Now I have to find a way to get back to work and get my commitments done before 10/23!


  1. I remember events associated with each one of the songs. The one artist I wish he would have also done would have been Lionel Richie. But, at least he did another one of my all time favorites - STEVIE! Yahoo!!!

  2. Which Lionel Richie song? I can imagine him doing "Hello". Maybe "Dancing on the Ceiling" with a bit of a rearrange. NOT "All Night Long".....

    Thing is from what I heard in interviews the songs all had to be #1 on Billboard during the decade. Did any of Richie's songs officially go #1?

  3. Hello, Truly, Three Times a Lady, and my all time favorite is Still. I would LOVE to hear him play that especially the last part where the piano ends, and he says STILL with no music behind it. A girl could only wish.