Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday in Vegas, Day 1: Anybody Got a Cigarette?

It was worth not sleeping for a week to get ready for this.
I'm keeping this short, the room internet sux and I'm in the Hilton business office because I just could NOT wait to post this.
You've heard the set list and other design changes to the new show on the Barrynet, the Network, wherever, so I'm not going to bug you with that here.
My own observations from last night:
1) Damn, that room is small! It looks huge on the DVD and I remember it seeming bigger when I saw another act here 10 years ago. But it bears repeating, there's no such thing as a bad seat in that house.
2) Unless your seat is in front of a bunch of killjoy civilians that won't let you stand when you need to during the show! (I would have been on my feet for the whole damn thing had it not been for the old farts behind me.)
3) Which means Barry was putting more into getting a reaction out of this crowd. VERY different from the arena show I saw in March. Similar set list, similar atmosphere screen, but different show. He's said this in interviews, serious fans go to see him in the arenas, but he gets everybody in this room so getting a reaction out of them takes more work. (Cement mixer convention??? Yikes....)
4) Good seats. REAL good. Like in less than 15 feet from the top of the catwalk. (I almost ducked when that thing came down on our heads.) Which means I had the "best seat in the house" for the usual shenanigans up there. Nice grab, guy. >;-) That moment was better than sex. (Sorry, Pete)
5) THANK YOU for the songs from the new album!!! I knew he would cover Rick Astley well but I just couldn't wrap my head around the "Islands in the Stream" cover. It was incredible. Very hot, very sexy menage a quatre with the girls. Kenny and Dolly can hang it up - just burn the original, this version is a quantum leap over it.

I need breakfast and I've got a nail appointment to keep. Two more nights of this and I'll need to be carried on the plane on Sunday. Crossing my fingers for a couple of more tidbitst his weekend.

Thanks for the best birthday weekend ever, B!

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  1. YBA,
    Thanks for the update. I know you are having a ball! Happy Birthday to you!!!!