Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"One Ass Grab Too Many"

The inspiration for the latest brainstorm came from here, and here.
A shout out to all of the fans who have to settle for less interaction because a few take their enthusiasm too far.

With apologies to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

To the tune of "One Rock n Roll Too Many" from Starlight Express.
(See post below for a video of the song if it isn't ringing a bell.)

One ass grab too many
Some are just too rude
A few don't know when to stop
So the rest suffer too

Some get too excited
Stalkers uptight
Security's on alert
And there's no dance tonight
One ass grab too many
Takes its toll on us too

One ass grab too many
Tempo's looking small
Some couldn't mind their own biz
So they put up a new wall

The stalkers all swarm, all sneaking a peek
The normal fans just want to sip drinks in peace
One ass grab too many
Takes its toll on us too

One ass grab too many
Don't wanna hear no more
What is it now?

Bring back the leather pants
Stop it already!
He's in the casino
Quick get a picture
Give him a break!
It's my 4th Platinum
"What, you again???"

One ass grab too many
Takes its toll on us too


  1. Well..I just spit out my dinner. It's perfect, appropriate, priceless, inspired, singularly ingenious, creative,and right on target. Too bad we can't actually record this one. Much like..I Really Do Write the Songs...I wonder if Barry would sing it for us????

  2. Inspired indeed!!! I couldn't agree more. Great job as always.

  3. Girl, you are TOO MUCH!!! I am rolling at this again! AWESOME!

  4. OMG ! You found a new calling...can't wait to hear more! LMAO!!! Part 2...I'm sure there will always be more :)

  5. Hubby and I were rolling on the floor. We both loved it. Absolutely priceless.

  6. This is so funny..but so true!!!

    I didn't know they put up a new wall in Tempo. Jeeze!!!

  7. Well, the "wall" refers to the pipe-and-drape the management erects to give Barry and his people some privacy. But I had to make the words rhyme. :-)
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. Ohmigod...what a HOOT!! Pure genius!!