Monday, October 27, 2008

Here's to Las Vegas

Home. Not nearly as kept up as Pete said it would be but what the hell - TLF was happy to have Mommy home.

First thing this morning was a parent/teacher conference. Yep, I'm back in reality. Of course, after the main conference was over, the teacher wanted to hear all about Vegas! So a lot of random thoughts come out that my head was just too crowded for the past few days.


I'm glad I didn't bring my husband. I love him more than life but there are certain *ahem* ASSpects of this show that you can't demonstrate your full appreciation for if the spousal unit is present.

Nice moment: during one of the shows (Friday, I think but not completely sure) someone tried to hand Barry a rose from the stage seats. He doesn't accept gifts from the stage anymore. It seemed that he understood that her intentions were very good. He accepted the spirit and sentiment behind the gesture by blowing the girl a kiss. I thought that was really sweet.

Just like in Risky Business, "sometimes you have to say 'what the fuck' ". Downing 6 Cosmos and wiggling my ass like an idiot and hugging Chickieboo from Tempo's house band cleared more cobwebs out of my head than all of the coffee klatches and therapy in the world.

Nothing makes a little girl happier than a feather boa and a stuffed animal.

However you describe it: Karma, the Golden Rule, etc, it's true. You reap what you sow. It's not a threat or a restrictive dogma, it's an opportunity to have good things and great people in your world. I went on this trip wanting nothing more than a good time for myself and anyone else of good will. In return I came home with friends I couldn't have conceived of a year ago. Even in the bar, a couple of complete strangers bought me a drink for no other reason than that it was my birthday and I was happy about it. My faith in humanity is restored.

The 80s record is going to be great, if the 2 songs I heard are any indication. I know a lot of people roll their eyes or are otherwise weary of the "Greatest Songs Of..." series but as always, this is Barry we're talking about here. He knows what he's doing. Just give it a listen before you decide whether to like it or not.

I still won't complain if he finds some way to release all-original material, too.

I don't care what anyone thinks of me for saying this - Barry is more attractive today than he ever has been, period. And I was close enough to make that call. ;-)

I think I'm starting to "get" song medleys now, whether it's Barry or whoever else is putting them together. (I'm probably wrong about the following but this is how it looked to me in my seat.) I thought by putting the medleys into a series, he was taking parts of songs that created the same "build" as a single song, then introduced the 80s singles as a climax. NOW I can see that they work. Before, I thought each line of each song was just a teaser and you didn't really "get" the feel of the song. But it doesn't seem to be about that one song, it's the presentation as a whole and it FINALLY makes sense.

Barry's entourage and security team have their positioning down to an art form. Even the Blue Angels don't fly in as tight a formation as these people move when Barry is out in public. Probably common knowledge for anyone who's been to these shows in Vegas before but it was a first for me.

Pete was very happy to get his wife back last night. I had three days of provacative shows and REALLY close views of crotch grabs and ass wiggles, and all that sexual energy had to go somewhere. He asked for Stiletto's mailing address. I think he wants to send them a thank-you note.

Unlike some of our online friends, there's no "post Manilow depression". Who could be depressed after a weekend like that? Just because you're back home? Don't you realize that if you're there for the music, you don't leave anything behind when you return home - if anything, you've already got a piece of Barry with you from being a part of that performance. Play your cards right and approach it the right way, and you won't need anything else.

When Barry brought his show to Atlanta, I thought it would be my one-and-only. I had no idea I would have this trip to enjoy too. So I'm not going to assume that it's over and there will be no other shows, etc. We'll just see what happens. That's worked out pretty well so far.

To Barry and the huge crowd of people who make these shows possible: I know this is just a regular job and a day at the office for all of you. Please don't underestimate the positive impact that your work has. My spirit was refreshed in a way that I needed for a long time, and I'll bet most people visiting have a similar story.

Thank you.


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