Tuesday, June 14, 2011

15 Minutes - Really, I'm working on it

Passed out from exhaustion last night before I got back to the 'puter.

I cracked it open at the same time the Gayle King interview came on.

Everyone interviewing Barry (Gayle King included) decries the paparazzi and how they hound these poor innocent people (but only the ones we find sympathetic.....) and how they invade entertainers' privacy...  then launch into DOING THE EXACT SAME THING!  Right after she goes in to how she doesn't have to deal with being hounded as much as her buddy Oprah, and how terrible it is that stars are being hounded, she starts asking Barry all of the personal questions that even an orangutan knows he isn't going to answer.

She asks how he's able to keep out of the public eye, then comments on how much research she's done, and makes Barry tell her "No, I'm not answering that."

Either these interviewers are really really stupid, or they're staging their questions deliberately to underscore the theme of the record.  I still think it would be a great selling point to use Barry's own interviews about the record to promote the theme of it.  The entertainment "news" industry is making it too easy.

This interview is definitely getting the Lightman Treatment from Pete when he gets home.

OK, getting to work on the real POV.

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