Wednesday, June 8, 2011

15 Minutes - Get Famous

The Powers That Be just posted an update to the contest.  You can enter from anywhere in the world (not just the US anymore).  Get it in gear because you only have until 6/14 to enter.

Post a comment to troll for votes.  A few submissions are already up so you can check out the competition.  I'll come up with my own endorsement after some more victims entries appear.

In response to about a dozen emails, the answer is NO, I am not entering in the contest.  I was tolerated in high school chorus and drama club.  Today I only sing in church on Sunday because there, they have to forgive you.  No one needs to hear that. 

Who's next?

(Update from TPTB on Wednesday:  ONE vote per person.  No Chicago-style voting.  Choose wisely!)

THE final update - you can vote more than once, up to 100 times per hour.  Robo-voting will be of limited value, use your fingers.  It's Chicago-style voting, full throttle.

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