Monday, June 13, 2011

15 Minutes - POV in Progress

Work has picked up, the kids are, well ... kids, and I would pay anything to get a day of quiet with the piles of paper on my desk magically squared away.

But instead, I got my preorder of 15 Minutes!  That'll do!!!

But not just the new CD.  When I opened the package, hidden behind the packing slip was an additional CD booklet - with Barry's autograph on it.  So Barry, Chris, Garry and whoever else might have had a hand in that little surprise, thank you!!  You made my day just as much as getting the CD itself.

There's pictures from today's CD signing at Radio City Music Hall too - check out Suzanne's blog at

I'm taking a break from a project due tomorrow at lunch time to put together my "to do" list before I can sit and listen to this record in peace and do some serious (and sincere) mental gymnastics with it.
  • Cook dinner and deal w/ the dishes and kitchen (done)
  • Get the kids outside to play for a while (done)
  • Get toddler to bed (done)
  • Hand eldest and baby off to their father for him to deal with (done)
  • Pay bills and balance the checkbook (as done as it's going to get tonight)
  • Catch up on email, especially client questions (avoiding it like the plague, need to get the blog post off my chest first)
  • Put a big dent in and possibly finish the task on the group project due tomorrow (tools booted up, ready to rock)
Checklist for optimum appreciate of 15 Minutes
(Don't laugh, you only get a first listen once and we've all waited so long for Barry to create new music I want to make this one count)

Get that autograph behind glass so the kids don't get their grubby little mits on it.
Finish up as much work/housework/laundry as possible so my wonderful husband doesn't have anything to bitch about and thus, interrupt
Bottle of pinot noir (La Crema, Sonoma Valley, 2009)
Chocolate (Lindt 70% cacao, to go w/ the wine)
Extra pillows on the floor next to the fireplace in the bedroom
Candleabra lit in said fireplace.
Make sure the lock on the door works  (I don't care if the baby is finally crawling, or how many times the toddler takes her diaper off, or if the eldest calculated the square root of pi.  If get interrupted during this CD, someone had better be dying.)
Rip CD to iTunes, transfer to iPod, break out the good speakers.

Will see you back here soon....

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  1. After all that...(I'm exhausted just reading it)...this review better ROCK! I'm just saying <>