Thursday, February 25, 2010

35 Years Ago Today

Barry's mention of "I Want to Be Somebody's Baby" got me thinking.
I ran across an almost-lost gem that was recorded for King Biscuit Flower Hour.
Brace yourself for....

Barry Live at the Troubadour February 25, 1975

You have to register, but it's free and they don't bother you (much) with email.

"...Somebody's Baby" is the second song in the set.

He also debuts "Tryin' to Get the Feeling" with the story about how he came across it, and includes that rare extra bridge you almost never hear.

There are some songs in Barry's catalogue that have that stereotypical mid-'70s vibe that just grabs me. I don't want to hear the song any other way. The list includes "You Ought to Be Home With Me", "Leavin' in the Morning", and (suprise) "I Want to Be Somebody's Baby".

I'm the first to admit I'm no expert; I just know what I like. The above performance of "...Somebody's Baby" is the best. It doesn't need anything, no tweaking, no remastering, nothing. If it gets included in the show, do it just like that. Don't over-choreograph it, over-produce it, or over-think it. Don't fuck with it. Just sit your ass in front of the piano, put your face on the mike, and belt it out with the same clear, uncomplicated sincerity that you did in '75. Even the brain-dead civilians will be bopping their heads.

Enjoy, everybody (as long as TPTB allow it to stand) while we wait for the new show at the Paris!

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  1. Don't yoj just love the words to that song? It reeks of sarcasm and the whole "fed up" attitude of always having to be the one to take care of everyone else. If he were to add that song I would love to hear ig live...just once.