Sunday, February 7, 2010

"All of us looked like idiots back then" - Barry on Jimmy

As far as American talk shows go, Jimmy Kimmel always gets the best interviews of Barry. Bar none. Kimmel approaches anyone in front of him with the same relaxed ease that my husband does when talking with his buddy about the golf course conditions. The interview is a conversation, something that just "is", nothing to stress about. At the same time, he has some fun and just tosses out what's on his mind. (Ask Jay Leno about that one.)

That isn't true of everyone with a talk or news show. The interviews were totally different on Rachel Ray and even The Today Show. The women interviewing him were fans and were having trouble at times putting that aside to do their job and it showed.

At my old job, we had high profile people in all the time. Not just musicians and folks from the entertainment industry - athletes, politicians, you name it. Any time you had to interact with someone this public at work, you had to suck it up and "not react" either positively or negatively. It's hard! A patient was a patient with all of the same fears and vulnerabilities as those who didn't live their lives in public. Now if it was someone you didn't like, as long as you could refrain from spitting in their face you were fine. Any distance could be written off as "clinical detachment." But if it was someone you did have a positive emotional attachment to, well, your job just got a lot harder. Indulging in that, even if it was paying a compliment, was taking away from their care and focusing on your thoughts and feelings. Then at times they had to take their clothes off for an exam. I know some nurses that asked to beg off if their favorite athlete was in their clinic and they were required to take vital signs.

The point is, Kimmel doesn't seem to have this kind of problem with Barry or anyone on his show. Which brings out the best in Barry (and any other guest) which means everyone is having more fun. And this is why Kimmel has one of the top shows on late night and he got away with the schtick in The Man Show. But any time Barry gets to sit and talk in addition to singing makes for a great appearance.

My own tidbits:
Anyone notice the performance stage was surrounded by Budweiser ads? Anyone else think that would have been the perfect setting for the "beer truck story"? The sponsor would have been fine with it, Barry worked for a different brand. 8^D

If the original Bell Records promo 8 x 10 was the only gag that Kimmel pulled, Barry got off VERY easy. Kimmel was right about the shoes. There should have been a law that anyone 6-foot or taller would be barred from wearing heels like that. You look back at your fashion plate 20-plus years later and wonder what the hell you were thinking. Everybody out there looking for new and unusual ways to puncture body parts, or add artwork, or wear jeans so that your boxers or g-string shows, your future awaits you.

Twitter was jumping with questions about whether Barry was lip syncing either of the performances on this show. Personally, I don't buy it. I do believe that he may give that impression because of botox use.

The following will be my one and only comment on this subject: It is time to knock it the fuck off with that useless and potentially dangerous garbage. Barry. Doesn't. Need. It.

Next stop - follow up with the charts to see how the record moves. With V-day and some home-run-out-of-the-park TV appearances, I won't be suprised if #5 improves this week.

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