Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Eureka Moment of 2010

Remember how Barry made an entire musical out of "Copacabana"?

How about doing something similar with Here at the Mayflower? Musical movie or stage musical maybe? All he would need is the libretto, just include all of the songs, including the ones on the bonus discs.

Bonus Eureka:
Not that my opinion on set lists matters but for the new Paris show, how about "I Was A Fool (to Let You Go)" from Even Now... BUT - do it Paradise Cafe style. Dump the horn section, replace it with a single sax. No one could do it like Mulligan (may he RIP) but Barry's buddy Koz could do it well.

Whadaya think? Too far "out there"?


  1. Mayflower was such an excellent concept album and done so well that the listener can visualize everything. It'd make a great musical, whether for the stage or screen.
    I like your idea for "I Was A Fool (To Let You Go)", too!
    You're right that no one could do it like Gerry Mulligan... but Dave Koz is as close as anyone could ever get, in my humble opinion.

    Now... from your blog to whoever needs to see it to get it done!

  2. Way way back when I started this blog, I pointed out the similarities between "Mayflower" and one of the sequences in Barry's first TV special: the stories centering around families in apartments in a building. (I think it was the first TV special. Anywho....) It amazed me that he had the idea in his head that long before he finally made it into a record. With that TV special, the foundation for a screen- or stage-based version of the "Mayflower" record was already laid.

    (Come on, Barry, we know you wanna do it.....!)