Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Year of Living Vicariously

You weren't going to get rid of me that easily.

Just kidding.

Work picked up and got crazy, the kids have been giving each other the same cold for weeks.
(And the usual first trimester fatigue didn't help either.)

And the cherry on top of that sundae is following the posts on various outlets, including Twitter, and not being able to share it. Sure, living vicariously isn't nothing, but I'm starting to realize there's less to pick apart and analyze and understand that way.

But there's always visualizing. Like the galaxy-class snafu on opening night. Can you imagine the phone calls??? "Hello, Guitar Center? What do you have in a sound board in stock? What would it cost to deliver? Here's the address...."

But once that got squared away (and the dunce in building maintenance installed a better surge protector) we were treated to a parade of Tweets that painted a great picture.

I already claimed a green and yellow glowstick at previous shows. Now I need a red one. Dammit.

On the flip side, drama happens just as something else comes up in life to distract me. In case you forgot, me no likey da drama. My condolences to those who get caught up in those incidents without warning or legitimate provocation. It always sucks ass and it can ruin a lifetime of otherwise fun memories. At least there's a place to vent. But just as I'm sorry that anyone has to deal with that, I'm equally relieved that I didn't.

So my ear is to the ground, listening for more signs of life. Garry tweeted about being on the set of Glee not long ago. You know what that's hinting at.
(Garry - What, no twitpic of a toilet bowl or a pile of cleaning supplies as a teaser? Must have been a busy day.)

Final comment: THIS

Barry's shows grow and evolve as they go on, this one will too. Stuff will be added and taken out.

DON'T. CHANGE. THIS. It's perfect.

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