Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is Nothing Sacred?

Posted today by TPTB on


URGENT ManilowTV Message

Several days ago we started to receive emails from friends who were concerned that a ManilowTV subscriber in Europe had started selling illegal bootleg DVD copies of the Manilow TV broadcasts. Like all of us, they were surprised that someone who pretended to be a fan was really out to rip off Barry and all the other musicians, artists, songwriters, casts, and crews who are involved in the production of these programs. Like all of us, they were offended that someone who had previously agreed not to be a bootlegger, would again try to rip off everyone while pretending to just be a good fan. Right.

This person has again been notified by the legal team and has again promised not to engage in illegal activities. This time, however, we have also notified the authorities in the host country and have blocked all ManilowTV access for subscribers in the host country and for those associated with the bootlegger. Hopefully this will stop the bootlegger and allow ManilowTV to continue.

It’s interesting to note that quite a few European countries have bootlegging laws much stronger than the US. Bootleggers routinely face fines, prison sentences and lifetime denial of internet access for infractions that many in the US would consider minor. Hopefully, our actions and the risk of further action by local governmental authorities will encourage this person to finally stop before we are forced to shut down ManilowTV.

To all of you who took the high road and shared both your concern and your disgust….thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don't keep up with the fan communities as much as I used to (or would like to) because I have to make a living. In fact, I make a living based on what I create. If I created a program and someone stole it, I'd be pissed. That's happened and I was pissed, and I've learned to protect myself.

In this case, it sounds like TPTB asked nicely for this person to cut it out, and they didn't. For the record, I have no idea who this is, and I really don't care. But if you're a fan, and you truly, innocently step over the line, you respect the request to knock it off. If you go back to business as usual, and the business is bootlegging, after getting a polite request, then you get what's coming to you.

If that is what happened here - not cool, kids. Not cool. Don't complain about how "mean" TPTB are when you're the one doing wrong and drawing the fire.

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