Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cat's Out of the Bag

Legends onstage:Garth Brooks is at Encore. Wayne Newton is at the Tropicana. Carlos Santana is at the Hard Rock. Donnie &
Marie are at the Flamingo. Cher & Bette are at Caesars Palace (no, not together, and Midler's final performance will be Jan. 31). And, as of next February, Barry Manilow will be at Paris. It now has been confirmed that the entertainer, who's currently performing his Ultimate Manilow: The Hitsshow at the Las Vegas Hilton, will move to Paris on Valentine's Day 2010. .....[snip]

Watch your twitters or MMN or your Hotlines. The official word should make its way out any day now. Wonder what other suprises they have in store that we just haven't figured out yet?


  1. Surprises is the Manilow camp's middle name. I'm sure there are many more around the corner. Manilow fans--gird your loins!

  2. "Gird your loins" - great way to put it. ;-)