Monday, November 30, 2009

DVR Alert 2009 (updated 12/2)

New Holiday season, new ad blitz.

December 1: The Today Show (NBC). Show airs 7 AM to 10 AM EST. Just record the whole thing, although I'll bet $10 he'll be on in the last hour.

(Update, cross-posted from Twitter: Dear Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, and NBC: "Ass" is not a curse word. Lighten up.)

December 1: The Joy Behar Show on HLN (not CNN - HLN) 9 PM EST
You can post a question on Facebook. Someone, PLEASE post a decent question on the comments list, most of them are stupid.

(Update, watching the show, waiting for Barry's interview: there is not one bit of difference between this and The O'Reilly Factor on FOX. The sequence and structure of the show, and approach to content are identical.)

(Another update: nice promo for Paris. Amazing she actually used some of the Facebook questions. Not amazing at how dumb they were. Some people wouldn't know a good interview question if it beat them with a stick.)

Fun stuff: backstage clip from Behar's show.

December 2: Christmas at Rockefeller Center. (NBC) 8 PM EST
Barry's not listed on the grid (not mine anyway) so record and see how he fits into the show.

(Update: nice number, fit right in with the variety show-type gig. Everyone looked like they were having a good time. Extra was a dud. Big surprise.)

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  1. OMG! You weren't kidding when you said most of the questions were just stupid. Not to mention the usual nasty comments about his looks, insinuations about his early days with Bette at the Continental Baths, and private life. I think I saw three half way intelligent questions and the rest was just garbage.