Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Friday Evening

To everybody working the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night - break a leg. If the tweets I heard are any indication you're putting on one helluva show. Enough to make us east-coasters jealous.

Speaking of tweets, if certain twitterers/tweeps/whatevertheword is want to post those photos, I'll be watching. (You know who you are!)

We're getting ready for Halloween this week. I posted about this last year. I would pay to see Barry walk through trick-or-treating as himself. No entourage, bodyguards, etc. He could get away with it too - everybody staring at the decorated houses, people would think he was just another guy in a costume. Except for one neighbor on our street who is a serious fan. I'd have to find a way to shut him up.

Remember Dumbass from my OT post a while back? Well the chairman of the board finally neutralized him. (Think purple slime from Warehouse 13 - REALLY neutralized) I'm breathing easier tonight now that I can steer that ship without some mutant nipping at my heels.

My daughters' preschool music teacher is a Barry fan. And she was pumped to learn about the Music Project. Per my recommendation she's looking into using elements of Manilow Live for instruction for young children. My good deed for the day!

So for everyone going to the Bowl tomorrow (whether working or just having fun), have a good time for me while you're there. I'm going to settle in with Live at the Greek (maybe do the 2nd half of that POV review I've been threatening for weeks) and be with you in spirit.

Have a great weekend, gang!

ETA- can't believe I almost forgot this...
Barry, now that you have some time off, take some extra for some serious R&R, take care of whatever medical issues are hanging over your head, and get some "me" time before the Paris announcement hits the fan. ;-)

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