Saturday, August 8, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Dana Holland wrote another great review. Dana, love to read what you write and I get inspiration for my own reviews. (Like the one for Live at the Greek which I'm still working on. And working, and working, get the idea.)

Pictures included - have fun, and keep it coming, Dana!! MUAH!!

Oh god - he was dealing with the overflow crowds from a Trekkie con. At least he could hold his own with the big names appearing there. SciFi and media conventioneers are a breed and they take some getting used to.
(If you think I'm joking or exaggerating, check it out:
I've done this and other Creation-run cons - ears, TOS miniskirt and all - and the attendees are a performance in and of themselves. Was anyone in costume in the audience?? From Dana's POV it sounds like an easier room than the cement mixer convention he mentioned the last time I was in LV.

And dude - just leave the Vulcan salute alone. It's OK to not be a scifi fan but you can hurt yourself trying to do that finger thing if you're not used to it. ;-)


  1. I didn't see any costumes, but that doesn't mean they weren't there. I didn't look around much. I do know there were a lot of Trekkers going to the show because I talked to them throughout the day.

    I had to laugh about being able to hurt yourself with the Vulcan salute if you aren't used to it! That's the absolute truth!

  2. Wait, were these TrekkERS or TrekkIES? There's a world of difference there!

    Your review brought back a lot of fun memories from media-cons in years past. Some time I'll have to find a way to post about the George Takei stories I have from high school. ;-)