Sunday, August 9, 2009

Counting Down to Manilow TV

Psssst. C'mere.

Manilow TV is almost ready to launch.

Wanna know how I know?
(Update 9/22/09: it's working folks! They're taking orders and will start transmitting in less than a week!)

Not taking subscriptions yet, something is definitely loaded but we can't see it yet. (Click some buttons and you'll see how things will work.

YBA bad, very bad.

To TPTB - hey, don't shoot the messenger! It was up, it was easy to find, it's in the search engines, not my fault. BTW, nice brushed metal logo, and very nice use of CSS. Tight code is good code. Way to go!


  1. As of this morning 8/11 the site takes you to a place where a username & password is needed to access the sites content.
    I guess TPTB are already annoyed we have been trying to access the site before it's ready.
    The monthly $19.95 subscription package they were selling on has disappeared to.
    Come on, TPTB, throw us a bone here!
    Rob, NJ

  2. Just read your blog, I see TPTB are still going strong. I commend you for bucking the power attempting to anyway. You did what you could my friend. I'm new on here, yes you know that. I'm enjoying myself. Writing is very cathartic. Reading others points of view extremely interesting.
    I'm with Rob,NJ and you of course. Please guys do throw us bone!!