Thursday, August 20, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

First, there was talk about Barry moving to the Wynn Resort. Now the scuttlebutt is he's talking to Paris Las Vegas.

No one would blame him for bailing out on the Hilton. (They cancelled a month's worth of shows, the hotel is stuck in the dark ages since Star Trek: The Experience closed, current visitors claim they saw tumbleweeds rolling through the casino at their last visit, etc.)

So where should Barry go next? Take the officially unofficial poll on the right and post your comments here.



  1. You missed the obvious: New York, New York!

  2. Any hotel is better than the Hilton. However, what about RETIRE and just make music. Is that an option?

  3. TF: you don't really think B would stop performing, do you? The "farewell" tour was 2004 - how many dates has he played around the US & Canada & England since then???

    Anon: Aye, Caramba, you're right!!!

  4. Fabulous analysis. You should put this on the Barrynet,,maybe by some miracle it would sink in!


  5. Here's an idea...why not do an extended run here on the east coast...Atlantic City or NYC? That would be great being that not too many fans can make the trek out to Vegas with the recession and all...I know I would be able to go more often if it were in any of these two cities : )

  6. You know how things are in the Manilow world, they will come out with the announcement just when all hell is breaking loose and they want to redirect the attention. As for the Hilton cancelling on what would be a major time for them (Barry's birthday week, after last year's success?) I would really have to hear that from the CEO of the company that owns the Hilton to believe that one. As bad as the economy is and all the reservations that had to be cancelled .... if management would do something that dumb (and cancel causing a loss in revenue from room reservations, hotel patronage, stores, etc) when everyone is hurting in Vegas, they need to be fired. Just my two cents.

  7. I agree with you Dee, any CEO that would do that has no idea how to run a business and should be canned. The whole thing made no sense at all.

    To be perfectly honest, I hope he doesn't come back here next year. Too much drama surrounds him here at the Hilton. If he wants to continue to perform, then just do the occasional arena show once or twice a month as the mood strikes him. That way, he's happy that he can still please a crowd and the fans will be happy that he may come closer to their home towns. That would be a win, win situation for all and it would not be to taxing for him.

  8. It certainly wasn't the CEO that confirmed the source of the Hilton cancellations, but I can tell you that the people I spoke with were completely sure it was the Hilton management. And after seeing all the restaurants that were closed and the lack of business all over the hotel, I believe it. The only eating establishments open were Paradise Cafe (minimally) and the buffet. Tempo was closed except on show nights. It's a simple business practice: if you don't have the funds to pay someone, you have no choice but to cancel.

    This is how bad it is. I got a card in the mail for $33 hotel rooms at the Hilton. Can you even fathom that? Those are rock bottom prices that Fremont Street hotels charge. Trust me...they are hurting.

  9. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people employed by Barry's shows (lighting, sound, security, plus the band and singers), so doing shows sporadically isn't fair to them.

    There's a lot of coordination involved with him performing anywhere, including fan club tickets, getting the equipment moved from one location to another, so finding somewhere where Barry could stay put makes a whole lot of sense to me.