Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reports from the 2009 BMIFC Convention (Q&A UPDATE 5/27)

Dana's review from Saturday, May 23 (He dropped "They Dance" and added "Border Train")

Dana's review from Sunday, May 24
UPDATE 5/27/09
Q&A report from Linda on Ning Network
Finally, what we've been waiting for: have at it, kids!
UPDATE 5/25/09: Not slacking off, just drumming my fingers on the desk waiting for an update like everyone else.
All we know now is:
Dana has a Q&A report coming
Helen has a Sunday show review coming
UK fans are getting Barry back in September (yay for you!)
How did I know Dana would not disappoint????? And how did I know Barry would do most of Mayflower? And how did I know that "Freddie Said" would be hilarious?

Dana's review of the May 22 show

Would it be completely tasteless if I begged on bended knee for this show to be (one of) the first featured on Manilow TV?
Wait, wait, wait..... I just thought of this.....
(I have to read Dana's reviews at least 3 times before I get everything.)

She mentioned that he did "Sandra" in the Mayflower set - shocked and thrilled the hell out of the convention fans.

One of my earliest posts came after listening to Mayflower and then watching the First Television Special. Refresh your memory here. I noted that a segment of that special seemed to foreshadow Mayflower. Read the comment by texas_fan: she pointed out how "Sandra" would have fit in, thematically, with that record. Congrats, TF - you called it! (Cue the creepy Twilight Zone music.)


  1. can you explain the initials you used about the fan club tpb????

  2. TPTB = "The Powers That Be".
    Not unique to Manilow blogs. It just means "the management" or whoever makes the business decisions.
    Thanks for visiting. 8^D