Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robin Leach Blogs on Fan Club Convention

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Recording superstar and Hilton headliner Barry Manilow says he faces two
dilemmas, and he might not solve the more pressing one until he walks onstage
this weekend. From Friday through Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, Barry plays
host to the annual International Barry Manilow Fan Club Convention at the

Thousands of fans are traveling here from across the U.S. and Canada
and as far away as Britain and Australia. Barry knows they will be here to
listen to his incredible collection of hits, but instead he wants to treat them
to a special performance of his personal favorite album Here at the Mayflower,
which critics have hailed as the finest album of his career.

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OK folks. All of you who are going I'll say two things again:
1) Post early, post often. Lots of us who can't attend are depending on you!
2) BEHAVE YOURSELVES!!! If you act silly, we'll all look bad and this time you KNOW the media are watching!

I'll just settle in with Live at the Greek until the reports come in.

Safe travels to all!

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  1. I echo that YBA. Post often and we want DETAILS. The behaving part...we can only dream. If he does the whole Mayflower album it will be magical. We can only hope somewhere, someone will be recording it for distribution. (Are you listening Stiletto??)