Monday, February 25, 2008


Let's take a break from the melodrama of life for a minute.....

Try this with me:

Listen to the Here At the Mayflower CD - follow along with the words, read the liner notes.

Then watch the first DVD in the First Television Specials collection. The first one w/ Penny Marshall from 1977.

Pay attention especially to the "New York City Rhythm" 'acting' section, with "Sandra" and "Early Morning Strangers".

Is it me or are those two things VERY similar? The whole presentation of different songs representing peoples' lives in different apartments (where was that, Lower East Side?)

Has Barry been working (mentally, at least) on the Mayflower CD concept that long?

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  1. You know..I watched that DVD for the first time this weekend and I immediately thought the same thing. The whole set reminded me of the Mayflower CD and I also thought that Sandra would have made a great addition to the catalog of songs. It's one of my favorites. Thanks for posting this..great food for thought.