Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Bar by the Harbor

The latest hotline:

"Dear Friends

To celebrate the BMIFC Convention during the weekend of May
22-24, and as a personal thank-you from me to you, I've put together a segment
of songs from my beloved "Here At The Mayflower" album that I'll be performing
during those shows. This segment will include songs we've never done.

I hope everyone that has supported the"Mayflower" CD makes sure that they're at
the Hilton for that weekend. I think it will be a very exciting and special group of shows

See you there-

So if you're going to the Convention, you're in for a treat that some of us have only dreamt about. I passed the 28-week milestone so long-distance travel is out. Doctors' orders. I even have a note. Rats.

OK, so what does "segment" mean? Three songs? Five? Medley? Full-length? I'm going to be camped out on the Network to find out. IMHO, there's no need for a medley, especially since some of these songs will be new to performance. I about died when I heard about "The Night That Tito Played" being included in a recent show. That song curls my toes every time. It would be a PERFECT "dance girl" number, should the spirit move Barry to put that element back in the show. The heat on that is right up there with "Let Me Go" from This One's For You. If I got to dance w/ him to "Tito" you'd have to sop me up with a sponge.

More songs I would drool for: "Talk to Me", "Turn the Radio Up", "Some Bar by the Harbor". I love "Say Goodbye" but that would be better suited for a nightclub-type venue. Ditto "Shadowman". I can't imagine him not including "I'm Comin' Back". Can you imagine what Kye and the girls would do in the background to "Freddie Said"??? And how about some of the bonus songs from the Holy Grail extras CDs that are floating around? Some of those maybe could be put into a medley but the above songs - Barry, leave 'em alone. You did them right the first time.

One final editorial before I wish all of the convention-goers well while gritting my teeth in envy:
Every once in a while, in addition to Barry doing a Q&A session, he might walk through the party. At least that's what he did for the holiday bash.

If you folks are fortunate enough for that kind of visit, don't jump on him when he walks in the door. Or grab his ass. Or bite his ear. Or whatever else your buddies are daring you to do after a few extra trips to the bar. How many times over the decades has Barry said it scares him to death when people get that excited? Would YOU like it if someone jumped on you all of a sudden? No? Then why do it to him? Food for thought - you might actually get more "visit" time in the room if his bodyguards don't have to work so hard.

So ends the preaching. Except to say: WE WANT DETAILS!!! Us poor slobs stuck at home are living vicariously through you so post early and post often!!!


  1. Well said. I especially like the editorial advice. As one who has witnessed that type of behavior first hand,it would be advice well taken by a great number of overzealous fans. What might actually happen if he was "allowed" to walk freely and converse? Most likely the oldtimers could tell you it was amazing. I've never seen it, but it's my hope and prayer that this time, they heed your advice!

  2. Bravo! You are so right. Grab his butt, touch him ... and don't forget the one that kissed him. Then, she had the nerve to blog about it. Why would you do that to the man? They tell you not to ask and then you just take it upon yourself to do it anyway when he is walking through the party. It never ceases to amaze me the craziness that ensues whenever he comes through. Poor man cannot even enjoy time with the people that have followed him for so many years. I am sure hoping that Dana's going so we can get some good reviews, otherwise, you know what we are in store for. On a wishful note, I hope he keeps it in for June ... I would LOVE to see it, and you know I will let you know all the details. :)

  3. I have it on good authority that Dana IS going to be there, so I'll be linking to her blogs. Her review writing is better than mine will ever be. We'll get a very good feel for the place from whatever comes through the blog.