Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another American Idol Comment

That's it?

I don't doubt that Barry's advice to these kids was the most invaluable they'd ever hear in their lives when it comes to building a music career. But we heard so little of it. Come on, Fox and 19 Entertainment, you could have shoehorned a bit more in there!

At least Access Hollywood picked up the ball and aired an interview following up.

I love listening to Barry give advice to other performers. All the way back to the One Voice special. He doesn't seem to keep any secrets about how he does his own job. And he manages to be very straightforward and gentle and polite all at the same time. That's a skill I don't have.

For example, the one great comment AI managed to air was Barry emphasizing that the contestants be prepared. Not the first time he's mentioned this but it's amazing how many people didn't take this basic piece of advice.

Here's how I would have put it:
"Listen up. Those of you who have no idea what working for a living is, are about to get baptized in fire. I don't care how much your mommies told you how you're special little snowflakes and helped you avoid developing a work ethic. No one in this industry is going to look at your face and just hand you a contract or a TV interview, or an award. So cut the drama, cut the gimmicks, and stay the hell out of the swimming pool and the bar. If you're here for a party or camera time at any cost, you're in the wrong place; The Bachelor is down the street. Those of you who are ready to sing, boot camp starts today. MOVE IT!!!"

Subtlety has never been my strong point.

The other thing I wondered (but I can't imagine Barry ever saying it) is what he thought of those in the room who were trying to build a career on a gimmick or flirting as opposed to serious elbow grease. Everybody knows Barry's work ethic is exhausting. So I would have paid quite a lot to see him personally wedge his Hollywood-boulevard-style cowboy boots right into Bikini Girl's butt crack. Talk about somebody who had no business being there! Stunts like that are part of the reason I don't watch much of AI anymore until they get close to the finals. The last people standing are usually the most serious about their craft. THAT is what is fun and interesting to watch, not the slackers avoiding a real job.

Somebody let me know when they're down to the top 8.


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  1. You are so RIGHT YBA! It's a shame that some of the ones who obviously cared (aka the Osmond) and who were intently listening to Barry didn't make the cut. I think the producers still want the "entertainment" factor and NOT the true talents. One reason why I detest all the pre-final shows. If they would spend more time screening the talent and less time looking for the characters it would be something I would watch.

    I'd pay $1000 to hear Barry say what he really thought...but he's way too much of a class act. I'm sure his sentiments would echo yours. NO FREE RIDES IN LIFE!