Saturday, November 22, 2008

Serious Question

It sounds like the shows are fantastic this week and so are the audiences. Dana on the Network always has the most amazing reviews. She finds words I can never find. Whenever I hear one of these I want to say, "See? See??!! This is what I was telling you about!!"

Recently I thought of a question that I would love an answer to from people in a position to give it. For me this is academic - it's unlikely I'll get back to Vegas so it won't be an issue.

Suppose a fan is sitting in the stage seats. During the course of the show, Barry comes over to shake hands with the front row like we've all seen him do. Somebody gets too excited and grabs him and doesn't let go, no matter how much he struggles to get loose. Or they try to get to second base with him or otherwise touch him inappropriately.

What is a fan supposed to do when the're sitting right next to this and they can see it's a problem?

Sit there and pretend it didn't happen?
Try to get the person to let go?
Make eye contact with security and flag them down?


It is SO awkward when you see this situation occur right before your eyes and I don't know anyone who knows the right response

So, is there an answer out there?


  1. Well, I have been there when some of that mess was happening and have come to one conclusion. I will be going back to Vegas this year and have decided to bring duct tape....just in case!! I don't think Barry or his body guards will mind! LOL

  2. I'd try and get security over as quickly as possible and if that doesn't work, try pinching the offending party between their neck and shoulder. That ought to get the heifer to turn loose of Barry real quick or have I watched one too many Star Trek episodes?

  3. I have never been that close to someone that has done that, I have seen it happen several times. If it was poor behavior and I did't think Barry was going to get hurt I would let his security people handle it. If I thought Barry was truly in danger I have no problem putting those people back in their seats. The question is how do you
    tell when it goes from bad behavior to danger.


  4. I know this is a serious about a stun gun???

    All kidding aside though, it would be nice to have some sort of procedure in place for this type of behavior. It detracts from the concert experience. Not just for the attendees, but for Barry as well. Not to mention, as BB says, offers some tendency to become dangerous.

    Great question YBA!

  5. Most of these ideas have crossed my mind. Especially the Vulcan Neck pinch. (Nice one, Crissy!)

    But here's the thing: we can fantasize all we want about making the over-the-top types pipe down but I'm trying to think of REALITY.

    No one wants to be part of the problem. No one knows what the solution is, so no one knows if they can be a part of it. That's what's so damn frustrating. So some of us have vented with the blogs and with parodies, my song lyric, etc.

    Like you, I want to get back to the music (easier, w/ the CD release tomorrow) and the holidays (God help us, once again. LOL!) so this will be my last post on the topic for a while. There's not much I wouldn't give for a final answer to the question, though.