Monday, November 3, 2008

Islands in the Stream


(The player says video, but there is no video available. Just enjoy the music!)

First, I was over the moon when I realized Barry was inserting a couple of songs from the new 80s record into his Vegas set a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was saving it for November, closer to the actual release.
Second, you go through the CD song list and we're all mentally clicking off the songs that we know he can do well. Richard Marx, check. Rick Astley, check. Christopher Cross, check.
Then you get to "Islands in the Stream". Kenny Rogers?? And the duet is w/ Reba McEntire?

I couldn't imagine this one. Until 10/23 in Vegas when he unveiled it.

The arrangment with the 3 girls as backup brought the house down. (Yes, I know Kye joined in toward the end of the number. Kye, love ya babe, but but they could handle this one.) Anyone who wasn't up and dancing and clapping along was either confined to a wheelchair, dead, or close to it.

This upcoming record had me a little nervous because it was "my" decade. (Those a few years my *ahem* senior felt the same way about the other decade albums.) I remember the originals and have all kinds of memories associated with each one. I didn't know if I would appreciate these the same way. I shouldn't have worried. In Vegas, Barry owned this song. Just bitchslap that wuss Rogers back into oblivion because this version is the new original.

There's always something to look forward to these days! I'm waiting on the QVC segment to order the record because I'm a sucker for bonus features/video/interviews etc. (More on that later.)

Barry, this was great and thanks for NOT waiting to put it in the show!

(PS - welcome Reba fans! Are your people as excited about this single as the Manilow fans are?)


  1. YBA,

    I totally agree. I am sooo glad Barry decided to put a couple of the 80s songs in his show, and sorry Reba, but I like the show version better with the girls. maybe that's just because that was my first listening to that rendition of the song. Like you, the 80's is my generation and I was a little nervous, but once again, Barry, you have outdone yourself. KUDOS!


  2. I'm so glad we got to hear this one live. Boy does it bring back the memories. It's going to be hard waiting another 25 days to hear all of them!

  3. I'm a Reba fan here and I just wanted to comment and say that I love this song!! Epecially the end, it's really good!