Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Here at the Mayflower" -- Complete?

Someone had a field day breaking up the Mayflower CD into different parts. You have the main version, the Limited Edition with "Shadowman", the UK edition with "Life Has its Ups and Downs" and "I Don't Wanna Know", and then the bonus disc with three more cuts, two of which were not included on any of the previous editions. That last bonus disc is a hot commodity on Ebay. I'm not saying what I paid or how much blood was shed getting my hands on it. But I have seen them sold for over $100 USD a pop. For a 3-song bonus disc!! Maybe that marketing idea could use a tweak next time.

I think that's all of it. If there's any other tracks I've missed, comment or shoot me an email. The only thing that's partially off in my collection is "Shadowman". My copy of Limited Edition was a promo copy, so the bar code was punched. Problem is, it also punched the CD, so the last verse and some of the instrumental is cut off. Oh well, the search continues.

So I got the idea to incorporate all of the "bonus" material into one major playlist. I got the idea from trying to compile an "ideal" Barry concert for the serious fan and from watching the first TV special where one of the sequences seemed to foreshadow the Mayflower album. (Texas_Fan even suggested that "Sandra" would have fit the Mayflower theme as well - nice catch, I hadn't thought of that when I first posted!)

I said it in an earlier post and I'll say it again: no matter how much we beg and cry and whine and moan about what song we want to see on an album or in a show, it is a lot harder to make songs "fit" together than it looks. We're not talking about just shoving tracks onto an iPod they have to make some kind of sense and fit a pattern. I could see why some of these tracks were set aside as "bonus" material: at times they repeat the theme of other songs already there so one of them had to go. (I'm guessing here, I could be wrong.)

So here's my hopefully complete track list of all of the Here at the Mayflower discs. This is how it plays on my iPod when I play the album all the way through.

Elevator Operator: Do You Know Who's Livin' Next Door?
Apartments 3B and 5N: Come Monday
Apartment 3E: Border Train
Elevator Operator: Life Has Its Ups and Downs
Apartment 2H: Turn The Radio Up
Apartment 2G: I Hear Her Playing Music
Apartment 4J: Talk To Me
Elevator Operator: She Should'a Been Mine
Apartment 5F: I Don't Wanna Know
Apartment 6C: Not What You See
Elevator Operator: Freddie Said
Apartment 1A: Some Bar By The Harbor
Elevator Operator: The Walking Wounded
Apartment 2H: Say Goodbye
Elevator Operator: They Dance!
Apartment 4G: The Night That Tito Played
Apartment 5F: I'm Comin' Back
Apartment 6C: I Miss You
Elevator Operator: They Dance! (Extended Mix as a Reprise)
Apartment 3E: Welcome Home
Apartment 1A: Shadow Man


  1. Nice songlist for the complete CD. I never really liked "Life Has It's Ups and Downs", but it does fit. And I agree. Making an album "fit" is so much harder than we can all ever imagine. This album is truly a masterpiece though and every time I listen to it I find it more intriguing.

    BTW..thanks for the mention :)

  2. "...Ups and Downs" seems to be an alternate opening track to "Do You Know Who's Living Next Door". It wasn't easy to make that work without repeating the theme that was just played.

    Hey, the mention was deserved - I'll bet there are quite a few more tracks that would fit this theme eventually if we really dug through the old material. Projects like that make me wish I didn't have a job. 8^D