Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Vault Song - "Friend of the Devil"

Check this one out. NOW!
Songs from the Vault - 9/21/2008

First - geez, Barry, you can do so many different types of music (I've had "The Night That Tito Played" on the brain for a couple of weeks now) and incorporate different styles into straightforward pop, let's hear more of it! This one is in the same vein as "Some Kind of Friend" but the melody (as he says in his notes) is much darker. MMMmmmmmmmmmm.........

Second - the timing on this song was eerie.
Here's an excerpt from Barry's notes from the page:
"Friend of the Devil" is very far away from the feel-good songs I'd been
recording. Adrienne Anderson's lyric is angry and outraged. My
melody represents the ups and downs of being betrayed.

Just a few days ago I blogged on a recent event where my family and I felt betrayed by someone we didn't think was capable of it, and in a way we dared not imagine. Yes, the visual of Lucifer falling crossed our minds.

"Golddigger" was my previous favorite of the Vault songs, this one has replaced it. The lyrics are perfect - hey, how about putting those up in a frame on the Vault page? (Someone tell me if it's kosher to transcribe them here....? Please?)

If this song were available as a special on iTunes, I'd buy it in a shot, no kidding.

Muchos gracias to B & TPTB - this one is really great and (for me) the timing was perfect.



  1. The melody is this song is almost more powerful than the lyrics. Without the melody, the lyrics wouldn't have the impact they do. For anyone who has ever been betrayed like that, you can feel the emotion. It's so un-Barrylike and I love it!

  2. No question. Barry's arrangement was a real attention getter. I wouldn't say that the lyrics wouldn't have had an impact but they really go together this time around and it's an approach you don't see much of from him.
    If this is what he's got in the vault or on that new all-original CD we keep hearing rumors about, then what in the hell is he waiting for???