Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's A Miracle!

You wouldn't believe where I've been...

What a difference six months makes! Before writing this post I went back and looked at my entire blog from the beginning. I forgot how cathartic and uplifting writing is. Lots of changes, all for the better in such a short time. And to think that I was utterly terrified of putting my thoughts down for the world to see, even without my name.

I have the best husband in the world. Case in point. This October yours truly is celebrating the big 4-0. I don't kvetch about getting older or lie about my age. In fact, I usually round up; if I tell people I'm 39 I'm afraid that some yutz will dig out the old standard, "Yeah, how many times over?" Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, how original, Curly. So I just tell people I'm 40 this year and I'm done with it.

It has been no secret around this house that I expected some really HUGE blowout for my birthday. Invite the entire damn town, everyone I know, even people I don't know, I don't care but it has to be HUGE!

Well, Pete's not quite the party planner and he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. He didn't bother with party planning. He just said, very quietly, back around June-ish:

"I think you should go to Las Vegas and see Barry for your birthday."

Yeah, right, like we'd have the money, time, etc. Then comparing a few days in Vegas to the cost of throwing North Atlanta's biggest party, it seemed like a great idea.

So guess where I'm going to be Oct 23 - 26?

I'm up in the wee hours making plans.
  • Plane fare, ATL - LAS, check
  • Hotel room, Las Vegas Hilton, check
  • Tickets for 3 shows (5th row, stage left, pretty good, upgrade when possible), check. Special thanks to my PiC for some ticket help and ideas for passing time between shows. ;-D
  • Beg the I Am Your Child/Manilow Canada club to let me tag along with their bash itinerary, check.
  • Obsess over my Quicken files to make sure we really really really can afford this.

Pretty normal, right? Here's the miracle part:

Take a look back to when I was still getting my past story told. Esp the "Welcome Home" post from February. I actually said some of this stuff!!

After those ten years my approach is going to be different. ....So fan gatherings and the like are out of the question. I'm not quite that naive these days. When Barry finally gets to Atlanta I'm going to enjoy watching the reactions of the fan club from afar.

Uh. Yeah. Says "YBA" from the Manilow Network who contributes to IAYC and is giddy about revealing my name to other fans for the first time.

...this is the first and probably the only time I'll see this man perform live.

I really believed that. I thought I would just live vicariously after March through chat board posts - you know, that thing I was afraid to be a part of?

Music does a lot for me and I'm a better, happier person with it than without it. I didn't realize how much rejuvinating my soul needed or how much joy and healing it would bring about. If it were anyone else I would cock an eyebrow at the idea of just some recordings and shows having that much power. But I'm a true believer now.

Barry: the ATL was a dress rehearsal - 10/25 is the big day so don't let me down! =D



  1. It's that Manilow Magic. It happens every time. I said the same thing when I saw him in San Antonio in 2002..this will be the first and the last time I see him And then...2006 happened and my life changed forever. That music and the joy that it brings changes how we feel about everything.

    Looking forward to some between show entertainment and so happy to hear all the arrangements are locked in.

    Let the countdown begin for the biggest celebration Vegas has ever seen!

  2. What a way to spend your birthday.....Guaranteed, it will be alot of fun. Those involved with the IAYC bash are in the process of making plans. We love to have you "tag along" with us. Our voices will be hoarse after the first day, our stomach will hurt from laughing so hard and Barry will never let us down in the music and entertainment dept. If you have any ideas for the bash, please let me know. You've got my email address.

  3. I do wish I could be there to help you celebrate your birthday. Barry was my birthday gift to myself for my 40th last year, and I had the Holiday Bash to help me celebrate as well.

    I know you will have a ball! With Suzanne and the rest of the group, you will be in great hands.

    I cannot wait to hear all about it.