Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video PR for 15 Minutes Begins

All of these were given from the same remote location (NYC?)  And be ready to block a ton of ad cookies.  This is why I rarely frequent TV News websites.

Barry Manilow comments on new album

From "Good Day LA"
Someone wake me when a talking head can interview Barry without using the word "fanilow" in the first 5 seconds.

From Fox affiliate, Tampa Bay, FL

Warning:  lousy video stream server-side.  But better interview.

Looks like he's making the rounds of the "Good Day" circuit.  Easy format and it works.  If he was on "Good Day Atlanta", I missed it.  :-(

Now from WGN...

Nice tie-in with the city and Barry's early history.  Best of the bunch.
No musical.  Shit.

DVR ALERT - The Joy Behar Show tomorrow night at 10 PM (ET) in advance of the QVC presentation.  Check your cable/satellite/whatever listings.

And if you REALLY can't wait, is taking orders and includes the famous "bonus disc".  (Yeah, I'm a sucker for that too.)

Have fun, kids!

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