Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is a race with TexasFan

So we're each watching Barry debut 15 Minutes on QVC and tweeting back and forth about how incredible this record is going to be.  We're hearing a few cuts, though not all of the record.  So the great question is, can we wait until we have the actual CDs in our hot little hands before we blog on it?

Ummmm.....    no.

So we're in a race to see who can blog first.

If you missed the QVC debut, stop and kick yourself NOW.  After "Bring On Tomorrow" runs its course on radio, I say make "Work the Room" the follow up single.  If you don't tell the station manager's that it's Barry, they won't realize it until you point it out to them.  It's that different for him but he makes it work.  Which is not a shock to anyone who can tell the difference between an average project and one he's got his heart in.  Where has this record been all my life??

BTW, according to his post on Twitter, Garry Kief is going to contribute $1 for every CD sold on QVC to Sig Ep Foundation.  So preorder now and make him break out the checkbook a couple of times!

(Damn, TexasFan just beat me.  Aw hell.)

Trying to be cool until 6/14.

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