Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aging Groupies

Brett Michaels and his latest PR efforts are growing on me.

I liked the occasional Poison hit in the 80s - who didn't. But the hair rock bands all ran together. Their careers took off at the same time once they got that third chord straight.

In "Rock of Love", he had his head up his ass. I watched it only for my own self esteem. Whatever was going on in my life, or whatever faults I thought I had, at least I wasn't in this crowd of cows.

Then on "Celebrity Apprentice", he really showed how he had his act together as a creative businessman. I understand that and got some respect back for him. I thought he was a goner when the subarachnoid hemorrhage hit. Then he WALKED onstage for the Apprentice finale. Albeit slowly and dragging one leg. He had the chrome-plated, brass balls to do it. I hope that the latest VH1 "special" (that was supposed to be an entire series before his brain hemorrhage leveled him) gets picked up again. There's just something about that human side and he seems to be one of those parents who tries desperately to balance work and home and keep his kids normal. I know of 3 guys in the music industry who have their priorities set as "family first, music job second", and I've met two of them. Just someone's dad who plays an instrument. It's great.

Then the most classic of all was Michaels' guest spot on Don't Forget the Lyrics where he sails right through "Looks Like We Made It" without stopping to blink or take a breath. Then he crashes and burns on a Quiet Riot song. Priceless!

Brett's video humor has reached a new height. His spoof PDA for the "Do Something Awards" applies to damn near any over-the-top fan base of almost any successful act. So if you see someone you know in these images, or even yourself - don't blame the messenger! (link in case it doesn't appear below)

2010 Do Something Awards Videos and Photos Headlines

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