Monday, December 8, 2008

Cranberry Christmas: The Expert's Review

Update for 2009: Cranberry Christmas is back on ABC Family. December 1, 7:30 PM EST and December 7, 11:30 AM EST. Check your local listings for channel numbers.

The real authority on animated features in my house is my 3-year-old, the TLF. Her vocabulary is pretty limited so there's a few cues you have to watch for to see how much she enjoys something.

After dinner, she is planted in front of the TV screen for the usual cartoons airing this time of year. I already had the DVR set for Cranberry Christmas while I picked up the kitchen. All of a sudden I hear this shriek from the TV room: "BARWY!!!" We didn't realize that Barry was narrating as well as performing the two songs featured in the cartoon. TLF recognized him within a couple of words.

This cartoon got two-thumbs up from TLF. She didn't move the entire show (not even to ask to see the Christmas tree) and got pissed off when her father or I blocked her view. There is no greater compliment from an innocent child than undivided attention for 30 minutes. So in our house Cranberry Christmas hit its mark.


  1. do you know the name of cyrus grape's voice actor?

  2. I was surprised too when I heard his voice narrating. I was actually watching it; cartoons are another guilty pleasure of mine. You can watch them and you don't have to worry about keeping up with characters, plots, etc....they just entertain. So, I will watch when I just don't want my brain to work too hard. I heard his voice and I was like, they never said he was narrating too. The songs were catchy, the only cursing to be heard was when the phone rang interrupting my television time.

  3. Cyrus Grape was played by Jeff Glenn Bennett who has an extremely long resume in animated voiceover work. So Guan, if you think you've heard him before, you probably have.
    Here's his page on IMDB: