Friday, December 5, 2008

Barry & Graham & Daily Motion

Update May 23, 2009
Damn. Daily Motion took down the videos. Sorry, gang. It was cool while it lasted.

For those of us outside the UK, keep checking your satellite or cable searches on BBC America. This episode gets rerun quite frequently.
Our friends in the UK have this video on the BBC's website, but it's only viewable in that country.

Keep looking!

I was right!
For those of us in the US who can't wait til 12/13. Enjoy!!
Plus, a top-20 debut and a grammy nomination. Someone already has a full stocking this Christmas. Congrats, Barry.
(Updated 12/10/2008 - extra footage just found its way onto Daily Motion and is included below. Since Graham Norton is an hour-long show on BBC America, we may get the whole thing undedited. YAY!!)

Barry Manilow - Graham Norton Part 1 (4/12/08)
Uploaded by Saklas

Barry Manilow Graham Norton Part 2 (4/12/08)
Uploaded by Saklas

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