Thursday, April 9, 2015

The News That Wasn't

Not a surprise, bud.  It hasn't been a secret for a very long time.  You left a list of clues in "Sweet Life" that even Ray Charles could follow.

It's OK.  It's always been OK.

And I hope you both can relax and be happy.

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  1. So I post my message, hoping it will be received in the spirit in which it is intended. I notice in the stats that there is a certain IP address hitting the post that some think is associated with Stiletto, et al. OK, cool.

    Ten minutes later... I get a call on my business phone and the caller ID says "Inglewood, CA". Oh shit. I'm gonna get yelled out. What did I do now?

    "Good evening, this is XYZ Company"

    And on the other end of the line was......

    Some schmuck from the backwaters of India trying to sell me outsourcing services on a spoofed phone number trying to convince me he's based stateside. Of all phone numbers to spoof, he picked Inglewood.

    My husband thought that was funny.