Sunday, July 29, 2012

The ATL Goes to Plan B

There were so many times I planned to blog but life intervened. Like when "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" was released in the US I'm wondering why in the hell the local radio station isn't even promoting tonight's show and is anyone else out there to call in to request and at least get it on the radar? There's only so much one girl with access to four phone numbers can do to boost interest, we need more fingers dialing numbers.

As for tonight. Shit happens. And clearly, it happened today. I hope everybody's OK in Stilettoland, I'm sure you're not any more thrilled about tonight's cancellation than the fans.

Tammy arrived about 90 minutes after the announcement. I would have rather been on Mars than be the one to deliver that news.

For the record, I can name a few jazz clubs in the area that wouldn't mind one single bit if Barry dropped in for a quick set. A little too late to implement that idea.

Plan B tonight is a nice dinner, alcohol, snacks and a ton of concert videos, along with all the smartass comments we can make. To recreate the truly live experience, all of the videos may not be completely authorized. Given the emergency circumstances I don't think anyone will mind too much, just this once.

PLEASE reschedule and I hope it works out better next time.

Will be tweeting thru the evening if anything really good comes up. #ATLPlanB

this comment is making the rounds on the news blogs about tonight's cancellation
"His set was too big/tall for the stage. Someone at his end (probably at the booking agency) screwed up. His health is fine. Played Nashville last night and is bummed about the situation"

Who would pay a premium to watch Barry go completely postal at whoever made this goof???

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