Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Fun...!

It looks like Fifteen Minutes is really going to happen and soon!
How about getting a few clips out to the public and REALLY get some buzz going???
(I'm volunteering!)

From Barry's Facebook page ( )
compiled via the newsgroup

From Barry's Facebook page:
Today, Barry invited his management team, agents, BMIFC staff, and

friends to a special listening party of FIFTEEN MINUTES in Hollywood,

Here is what some of the attendees said about the new album after they

heard it:

“WOW! Not what I was expecting…I can’t wait to hear it again!”
“I was so excited to hear an album of Barry’s with all new and

original songs. It’s energetic and daring, it’s a fantastic pop album

that is sure to be a hit!”
“It’s not often these days you get to listen to a whole record and

enjoy every song… this was one of those records, hands down”
“The album’s story is so very real…I was emotionally invested

“Immensely creative and incredibly relevant to today's world of

"I kept getting goose bumps! Sometimes it was a touching lyric,

sometimes from a beautiful melody, sometimes from a powerful guitar

solo. I loved that there were so many different elements to the songs,

I was constantly being surprised."

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