Sunday, December 12, 2010


Courtesy of assorted posters in Europe who got the footage of the Nobel Peace Prize concert on YouTube.
For as long as TPTB allow it to stay.  (Come on guys, make an exception for this, OK?  Please?  The world won't end and more will see the HUGE impact Barry's music has made at yet another level.)

Barry's the master of arranging.  This presentation in this setting are the ultimate.  Nothing is going to beat this version.  I don't want to say retire it, but every performance from now on will be compared to this one.

Dammit.  You sonofabitch....  I said in posts before that I wasn't going to let you make me cry and now I'm crying.  Shit.  You win.   ;-)

Gotta lighten up a little bit.  What good is hope and freedom without joy and fun for the helluvit?  This would have been a good time to reinstate the random duet.

Barry, I wonder how many times when you were making these "commercial" songs written by someone else you wondered what the point was.  From a Chinese dissident winning the greatest honor bestowed on this planet, to the misfits on the alt.newsgroup and the blogs (like this one....) telling stories of how a song or two turned their lives around, every note made a difference.  Our little fan stories may not be as great an honor as the concert you gave here, but it still meant the entire world to each of us.  Even if it was just a simple commercial song or yet another typical show that you didn't think much of at the time.

So now that you've performed in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize, do you believe us now???

Here's more....

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