Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Power of Reminiscing

Late night, the first time I've been able to check into ManilowTV for a while.  This month's video is a special made for VH1 promoting the Summer of '78 record.  Guess who didn't have cable at the time?

I never get tired of this type of show - up close, a very intimate feel, lots of storytelling.  Serious fans know most of the anecdotes Barry was telling in this episode but there always seems to be something new that gets thrown in.  (If anyone is taking requests, I'd get a giggle out of the "Richmond, Indiana" story.)

After blogging for going on 3 years, I've learned there's a fine balance in telling personal stories.  Some things are just too personal, complicated, or embarrassing to put out there.  Or so I think - it's always worse to me than it is to people reading it.  On the other hand, taking the time to develop personal stories for public consumption is cathartic.  There were some serious tough times that just would NOT go away for me, until I organized them into chapters and put them out for 6 billion people to see.  Now it's over and I don't have to think about it anymore.  Unless I want to - and it's easy.

But I always hold something back.  Whether it's names or specific places or something like that.  In my mind that small barrier makes being open about myself easier.  It's like being open without being vulnerable.

I wonder if it's the same or even similar for anyone in entertainment when they decide to tell personal stories.

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