Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feedback time!

Looks like Barry is venturing out onto the MMN.  Good for him, and good for everyone who can now follow up with his thoughts as they happen.  Since this is the Internet, it's going to get leaked.  I found it on the alt newsgroup.  (Thanks to whoever reposted - you know who you are.)  This post went public while I was still in the hospital so I'm just getting around to it now.

Here's the post.  My comments are bold and red.


Posted by Barry Manilow on September 29, 2010 at 9:54pm in Manilow TV
Hi everyone

I wasn’t going to post so soon after the first post, but the beautiful responses and questions are encouraging enough to write again. And I’d like to answer a few questions that kept coming up in your posts.

First – Just because I said that the CD is “guitar driven” doesn’t mean I’M going to play the guitar!! I don’t even know how to hold the thing!

Didn't think so.  Yes, I remember the 3rd TV special.  ;-)  Really looking forward to this because there's been so much more guitar in more recent records than years back.  The redux of "Copa" on the 70s compilation, a big chunk of Mayflower ("Tito", especially) and a lot of the tracks on the 80s record.  There's no question you can do this guy, we just want to hear it.  We've been getting teasers up til now.

The guitar work on this CD will be done by some of the finest guitar players in L.A. So, no, it won’t be me playing the guitar.

One of the great things about delving back into Barry's music is discovering the talent that he's worked with.  He doesn't work with "just anybody".  (That unfortunate interlude on LOGO channel with "Nemesis" notwithstanding....)  I've discovered all kinds of great stuff that will never make the bland not-even-vanilla crap on the radio that has stretched my mind and given me new things to figure out.  Before my latest inpatient trip, I made sure to download the latest from Straight No Chaser, Culbertson's XII, and I'm waiting to see if Dave Koz' latest has made it to iTunes yet.  Just when you think your music discovery days are over, someone comes along with something new to reawaken you.  At least we can be sure that we're not going to be stuck with some three-chord wonder trying to fake his way through the songlist.

Thanks for all notes of encouragement about this new CD.

You know we're behind you when you're doing something new.  Just find a blog, newsgroup, or whatever.  We haven't gone anywhere.

One of the questions that kept popping up was about “Everything’s Gonna’ Be All Right”. As of now, it closes the entire CD. I mean, after taking our hero through this dramatic trip, I had to bring everyone back up with a song that says, “stick with it”. So, as of now, yes, it is scheduled to close the album.

It'll be a while before I get back to Vegas to hear this myself.  All of the comments I've heard start with "Wow!"  :::sigh:::

Ok, I have a question for all of you.

Hit it...

You know, we’re heading across the Pond in May to do shows at the fantastic ’02 Arena.

Not to mention a nice little Florida circuit.  So close and yet so far.  There will be a lot of happy people down there too.

We might record it – a DVD and/or a CD of the shows. Don’t lock me into that statement, please! You never know what will happen between now and then.

I thought you recorded everything?  I know, there's a difference between personal recordings and professionally taped stuff for release.  But consider this:  some of the best video was what you never intended to release in the first place.  Hence why the "First" DVD of "First & Farewell" is in my constant personal Top 10 list of videos.

But, IF we do, (or if we don’t!), I’d love to know what rare songs you’d like to hear us do. Songs that we haven’t done in a long time.   “If I Should Love Again”, “No Other Love”, “Some Kind Of Friend”.   Songs like that. What would you like to hear done live?

Oh geez, how many times do I have to say it???  You'd have to sop up half the room with a mop if you worked "If I Should Love Again" into your set list.  Especially since these gigs are "full blown orchestra" shows.  IISLA is one of those "if you've got it, flaunt it" numbers.  It would stop time.

Also heard that "Some Kind of Friend" is in the Vegas set, at least once in a while.  I don't believe in bootlegging so that is killing me.  Yes include that one.

If you're going for upbeat numbers - how about "Riders to the Stars", "Beautiful Music", "Let's Hang On, and "It's a Long Way Up"

And if we're talking about really rare, I'd give a whole lot to hear "Let Me Go" and "I Was A Fool to Let You Go".  Call me crazy, I'm just partial to anything with a blues progression in it.  Go figure.

And, if I were to do a duet with someone, who would you like to see?   Elaine Paige? (our duet came out GREAT!). Lulu? Shirley Bassey? John Barrowman? Lorna Luft?  Anyone else you guys can think of?

Dude you are so missing the obvious...  Susan Boyle would put asses in seats in a heartbeat.

I'm going to assume that the duet thing is something the Brit fans look forward to, so I'm not going to knock it.  IMHO, you don't need a duet.  But if that's the direction you want to go in, you've already answered your own question above.  If Elaine Paige did that well, it would be successful again.  I have a hard time imagining duets so I can't help with some of your suggestions. Except two:  if you're going to team up w/ your buddy Lorna, you could have a shitload of fun with "Me and My Shadow".  I dunno about Barrowman.  I mean I love the guy - I have my DVR set to record "Torchwood" all the time.  And I about peed myself when I saw him do "Springtime for Hitler."  But from the video I saw of the Proms last time you were there, something about that duet just didn't work for me.  Can't put my finger on it.  Don't shoot me for that, it's just one girl's opinion.

But I'll bet Boyle would be a really popular choice.

I’ll post when I get a minute.

Same here.  Minutes are hard to come by in my house these days.  Lots of thoughts rattling around, not enough hours in the day to put them down.



I am really looking forward to the next post.  This was the most fun I've had in a while!


  1. Enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it...ah for the "minutes". They just don't happen around here anymore either.