Sunday, May 23, 2010

Decision From Hell

OK, folks, here's where I'm at.

Series at the Georgia Tech arts center opens this September. Season opener is Debbie Reynolds. I became a fan of hers when my parents forced me to watch Singin' in the Rain when I was 5. Was hooked on that movie (and movie musicals of the '50s in general) ever since. (Favorite scene: when she pops out of the cake at a bigwig party as a Coconut Grove girl after telling off Gene Kelley for being a lowly silent movie actor.)

The "good" seats include an after-show reception. Now I know I couldn't chew her ear off all night, but I would love to hear how she got to work with Donald O'Connor - the guy could **move** even in his 70s in Out to Sea. What I wouldn't have given for a dance lesson for 5 minutes from him.

And if she felt like telling a story, I wouldn't complain. Movie making seemed so different back then - actors were professionals, and even if they had a "moment" once in a while, you didn't see the temper tantrums every other hour like you do today - and today's actors have so much less talent and skill, IMHO. The timing, the delivery and the physicality of performing, even though there were occasional stunt doubles - people had to WORK for a living in that day!

So here's the issue: the performance is 2 weeks before my due date. My brain tends to stop functioning around that time. It won't turn on until a couple of hours after delivery.

Please leave a comment - do I make my other half grab the tickets or do I let this one pass and wait for a different opportunity when the kids are older?


  1. I am all about doing what you want to do. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Since it is someone that you have enjoyed for most of your life, you would probably be alert enough to enjoy the evening. Now, you might shut down afterwards, but for a moment, you will be living a dream of yours. In this life we are so often in positions to where we have to deal with the hand we are dealt, in this situation, you can meet someone you have always admired. I say GO FOR IT! You will look back on the evening and have precious memories.

  2. Doubt you will get another chance with that classy lady. If it were me I would take it. Life is too short to wait until tomorrow and thaws types of opportunities don't come alon that often. I put off many things until my kids were older and I've never been able to get them back. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

  3. Think about how old Ms Reynolds is. If you wait, the ship might sail. If you're worried about not remembering what you want to say, use index cards. But GO!